8 Dishes You Must Try While You’re Alive in South Africa

8 Dishes You Must Try While You’re Alive in South Africa: Beautiful scenery, bustling cities, and rich history make South Africa a stunning country.

It is a great place to get out into nature, see some incredible wildlife, and learn about the turbulent history of the country in some of the most unique cities in the world. In addition, the food in South Africa is really mouthwatering. The term “braai,” which refers to a type of barbeque common in South Africa, is sometimes cited as the dish most frequently ordered in the country. However, this is only the beginning of things to come. This list is just a small sample of all of the scrumptious street food alternatives that are available in South Africa; nonetheless, they are some of the very best!

It is commonly referred to as Bunny Chow.

If you can only try one dish while in South Africa, make it Bunny Chow. It is widely considered to be the country’s best street cuisine. This staple of South African street food was first introduced to the country by Indian immigrants in Durban, and it has since expanded throughout the rest of the country. Its original purpose was as a lunch for employees, but it was always intended to be enjoyed by everyone. These days, however, almost everyone enjoys it. A delicious pork or chicken curry can be placed in a Bunny Chow, which is a bread bun. There is also a vegetarian version that is offered, which is made with beans or lentils. After you have dipped your bread slices into the dip, you may eat the bread dish itself, making this a convenient lunch that you can take with you wherever you go. Street food is a good option for those who are travelling on a budget because it is significantly more cost-effective than dining in a restaurant and the quality is on par with that of a restaurant meal.


One of the most well-liked snacks in South Africa is known as the Gatsby. This one-foot-long, locally inspired take on the sub sandwich features fish, chips, and a peri-peri sauce that’s loaded with heat. Gatsby is frequently divided into a number of smaller portions and presented in a number of different formats since it is intended to be consumed communally. Calamari and viennas are two items that can be found on the menu in addition to chicken, steak, and caviar. Street food, on the other hand, is not to everyone’s taste, and many people are reluctant to try it because of this.

Alive in South Africa


The biltong that is sold in South Africa is not at all like the beef jerky that is sold in the United States; in the United States, biltong is known as biltong. You would think that dehydrating some beef is a straightforward operation, but in reality, it’s not. The biltong that is sold in South Africa is in no way comparable to the beef jerky that you are used to eating. The western variant of this food is chewier, drier, and more substantial; nonetheless, it does not taste any less delicious. There are several different kinds of biltong available, including beef, ostrich, and buffalo. One of the varieties is seasoned like bacon.


Boerewors, which are similar to hot dogs in the United States, are a common food item in South Africa. Boerewors is an essential component of any traditional South African braai. This flavorful and spicy sausage often referred to as a “Boerie Roll,” is ingrained in the tradition of street food culture in South Africa. This delicious treat, which is somewhat analogous to a hot dog, is an item that cannot be missed during festivals and athletic events. The boerewors consist of a tomato-sauced boerie stuffed inside of a soft white bun. Additionally, the boerewors also include a farmer’s sausage that is made with beef, pork, fat, and fried onions.
The characteristic flavor and aroma of boerewors come from the spices that are mixed in with the ground meat. All of these spices are added to the boerewors as it is being cooked to give it its distinctive aroma. This aroma, which you will find enticing and impossible to avoid eating, is what makes boerewors so popular.


If you wish to eat healthily while traveling around South Africa, Amagwinya, also known as Vetkoek, is a dish that you have to taste. If this is your first trip to South Africa, you just must indulge in a golden-brown Vetkoek that has been freshly fried. Everyone in South Africa, from Cape Town to Durban and everywhere in between, enjoys eating vetkoek, regardless of their ethnicity or religious background. This is without a doubt the song that everyone from South Africa loves the most, regardless of their age, level of sobriety, or level of financial stability. Amagwinya booths can be located on virtually every corner of the city. And some of the stores open as early as 6:00 in the morning to ensure that children have time to consume their breakfasts before heading off to school. Similar to a great number of different kinds of street food, vetkoek can be prepared in any way you desire. This meal can be prepared with a wide variety of ground meat and vegetables, such as those found in curry, polony, or even a simple butter spread.


Once you’ve tried the cheek meat that’s commonly referred to as “Smiley,” your perspective on food will undergo a significant shift. Many people find it incomprehensible to consume parts of a sheep’s head and tongue; however, this will no longer be the case after you try it. During the time of apartheid, butchers were able to acquire the tastiest bits of meat. And township residents were able to receive the heads of their deceased cattle to eat on the street. which led to the rise in popularity of thipracticese. Residents of the township came up with the Smiley by making do with whatever was available to them at the time.
After being boiled in gigantic drums, the heads of sheep are scraped clean of their wool using heated metal rods to remove the wool. After what seems like an eternity, the chef presents you with a piece of newspaper bearing a grin and informs you that it is finally your turn. You may consume the succulent and tender meat with your hands since it is so tasty. If you are unclear about how to consume it, ask the chef for a demonstration, and he will be happy to do so. This dish is not typically served at “Western” restaurants, therefore you won’t find it there. If you are interested in giving it a try, the townships have lots of Smiley stalls for you to choose from.


The inhabitants of South Africa have dubbed this particular preparation of chicken feet and chicken heads “Walkie Talkie,” which translates to “talking chicken.” This dish, despite its outward appearance, is surprisingly great when measured against today’s standards. The Walkie-Talkie can be prepared either by boiling or by roasting. Both methods are acceptable (braaied). Both of these selections feature delicious seasoning and are cooked to golden perfection. Even if the concept of walkie-talkies may not appeal to you, I can assure you that once you give it a shot, you won’t be able to get enough of it and won’t want to give it up. If you want to properly understand the cuisine and culture of South Africa, you have to at least give this meal a shot, even though it is one of the country’s street foods with the most unsettling appearance.

Roti from Johnny’s

Alive in South Africa

Johnny’s Roti is one of the most well-known and well-liked street foods in Durban, particularly among the city’s student population. A tasty chip and cheese roti stuffed with (mostly) mutton curry is the traditional hangover food in this part of the world. This was done with a good intention in mind. It’s a sign that you had a rough night if you can finish a full Johnny’s Roti in a single sitting. With the exception of a really trying evening, one of Johnny’s Rotis is sufficient to feed an entire household’s worth of people. The one and only Johnny’s Roti is located in Mowbray, and it is the only place in all of Durban where you can purchase this mouthwatering cuisine.

Because there is such a wide variety of delicious food in South Africa, you will want to try all there is to offer. Some of the very best, but there is always something else to learn and experience, so go out and eat! To what extent do you agree or disagree with the items on this list? I didn’t even list some of the incredible delicacies of South African street food that you just have to eat. Which one of these three would you say was your personal favourite and why? I’d be thrilled to get a message from you!

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